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El EH-69P es un cargador CA que se puede utilizar como alimentación continua para algunas cámaras Nikon desde una fuente alimentación CA, útil para largas sesiones fotográficas. También recargará la batería para ciertas cámaras Nikon. Revise el manual de su cámara para la compatibilidad.
EH-69P AC Adaptador/Cargador 2.7 5 6 6
Compact, quite light weight, US plug "folds" This came with my S3100 Coolpix camera. It's a switchmode converter that puts out 5 volts up to a bit more than half an ampere. It has a USB connector, which probably means that it is much more generally useful than just for Nikon cameras. Any AC power, worldwide, will operate it; it (naturally) works on 100 volts, found in Japan, up to 240 V, in many places. Works on both 50 and 60 Hz, of course. It's wide-range; no need for a selector switch. I opened it up (voiding the warranty, for sure); inside is what's called a switch mode power converter ('power supply") that not only does the job, but is much lighter in weight than a traditional type with a 50/60 Hz AC line (mains) transformer. As well, it appears to have extraordinary protection from high-voltage AC accidents; in case of downed power lines or lightning, this device should be safer than many. It probably can isolate the USB connector from a few thousand volts on the AC mains plug; it's /very/ safe. The label on the back has an amazing variety of approval logos and related information. Included is the UL logo of Underwriters' Labs in the USA, which sets stringent safety standards. For US power outlets, the plug "folds" inside the housing ("case"), a very nice feature. It's easy to rotate it into working position. Adapters for other worldwide AC mains sockets can be removed (except in Argentina and Korea?) if you want to fold in the plug. It works just fine with the USB cable for the S3100. Mine is made in China for Nikon by Dongguan Powertec Electronics, Ltd. Quality is very good, and they plainly know what they're doing. (I'm a retired electronic tech. with engineering experience.) Another first-rate Nikon-branded product... 18 de noviembre de 2011
A Way to charge your EN-EL5 Batteries I have an adapter from my previous Nikon Coolpix for these batteries. It's the Nikon MH-61 Lithium Ion Battery charger. I use it so that I can charge an extra battery outside of the camera. 28 de marzo de 2014
Very Good Camera with large stupid charger P-300 Excellent overall and I would recommend it especially for those who want more control over their camera. Great f1.8 lens at 24mm.. HOWEVER, their charger is beyond counter-intuitive! Compact charger requires long and relatively heavy and bulky multi-use cord. * for charger - **** for the camera 15 de agosto de 2011
case separated when I unplugged from wall socket Bought my Nikon Coolpix P500 about 18 months ago. Enjoy the camera, but very unhappy that my adapter/charger is not working. When I last unplugged it from the wall socket the case separated at the end where the usb plugs in, and now it won't charge. Blech. As you can see, the device isn't cheap at $40 and I'm not a happy camper that I have to replace it. Wondering how long the next one will last. 7 de mayo de 2013
not for international use At first it appears to be a nice compact charger with foldable pins and adapters to convert it to local sockets. Just fount that adapter once fixed can not be removed!!!! very clumsy when returning home you have to buy a new charger and have a charger-with-adapter you no longer can use. Also akward that you can only charge the battery in your camery, not your spare one. This charger is NOT intended for international travellers. I must advice to find a better charger (or even better cam if this is damaged by a different charger as is treatened). A disappointed NIKON fan 8 de abril de 2013
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